nocc. aurora & X’mas mall & LB

11月 29, 2011

こんにちは nocc.です。

新作とCafe&Bar SOFA X’mas MALL 出店のお知らせです。

■New release

mod & copy OK / trans NG / 2prims / 500L$


■Cafe&Bar SOFA X’mas MALL

Cafe&Bar SOFAさんが毎年恒例で行っているクリスマスモールに今年はnocc.も参加させていただくことになりました。


Cafe&Bar SOFA X’mas MALL


Hi, I’m the owner of nocc.
Here’s a information for the new stuff and starting a branch at Cafe&Bar SOFA X’mas MALL.

■New release

mod & copy OK / trans NG / 2prims / 500L$

I made an aurora to fit the scenery in Winter.
Please enjoy the appearance changing to seven colors slowly.
Also I made it as edit & copy property, so that you can change it to resize to fit your garden and so on.

■Cafe&Bar SOFA X’mas MALL

I have joined the X’mas mall where is opened an annual at Cafe&Bar SOFA.
I put only the aurora (pink color) in the LB as an anniversary.
The prize is delivered only for three days. (from December 28 2011 to December 30 2011)

The other shops keep nice items in the mall. So please come and enjoy here!

Cafe&Bar SOFA X’mas MALL



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